Viral Video Domination

Once a successful publicity campaign puts you in the spotlight, you’ll want to create an ongoing online presence that keeps you established as the go-to expert in your niche. You want people to see you everywhere and you want them to find you when they search online. In one single day—yes one day– we will shoot 25 short videos with you in your office that will explode your visibility and allow you to display your expertise while building trust with potential clients and referral sources. Before our video shoot we will spend several hours consulting with you by skype to help prepare you for the best possible results.

  • We will help you create the compelling video content. We will coach you on delivery. We will produce each video for you.
  • We will train you on how create impactful videos that get people to watch. We will create a virtual video library for you.
  • And most importantly, we will show you how to include a subtle call to action that increases the number of people that contact you.

Then we get to work. First we complete behind the scenes work to optimize your videos for the search engines. Most businesses don’t do this and that gives your videos the advantage.
Then over a 6 month period we will submit your videos to over 20 social media sites monthly. Our team is also one of the best at getting your videos to show up at the top of the search engines for relevant keywords on Google, YouTube and other search engines. Video Marketing is the #1 medium for client conversion, bar none. It can add significant revenues to your bottom line.
In other words, we help you dominate your niche with video and position you as a niche celebrity.